Magnesium and cancer, a tale from the good earth

In several studies regarding cancer rates around the world, it was found that Egypt has cancer rates at 10% of that in Europe and the USA. That’s right, they have 89% less cancer. Imagine the headlines if the mainstream media actually cared enough to do some more lateral thinking on this subject.

“Cancer cure found, effectively prevents 90% of all cancers….move to Egypt’

For an almost 100% cure one needs to make sure you move to the rural fellah where it’s non-existent.

The main difference was an extremely high magnesium intake of 2.5-3 g in these cancer-free populations, ten times more than in most western countries.

By the way this isn’t a new discovery. An inverse relationship between cancer prevalence and the natural magnesium content of water and of soil is reported in studies, starting more than 50 years ago.

Rural Egypt has a secret and it’s not a pyramid

A Russian report showed that stomach cancer is four times more common in the Ukraine where the magnesium content of soil and drinking water is low, than it is in Armenia where the magnesium content is more than twice as high.

Another more recent morphologic and statistical analysis of neoplastic deaths in two Polish communities disclosed a nearly three-fold higher death rate in the community with Mg-poor soil than in the one with Mg-rich soil (10%).

Leading Magnesium advocate Dr Mark Sircus states ‘Magnesium is basic to cancer treatment and its avoidance” and he continues ‘Flooding the body with magnesium increases a person’s chance of surviving cancer and living a longer pain free life.’

By flooding the body he literally means it, patients who have cancer are advised to take magnesium transdermally using sprays and high concentration magnesium baths as well as oral supplements daily and often. Unless the kidneys are compromised it’s almost impossible to overdose on magnesium.

We are not one of those dodgy clickbait health websites that hype up hope with breathless headlines promising to beat whatever disease with this weird fruit / trick or whatever. In fact we despise them. We take cancer very seriously so with that in mind…

We do not yet advocate magnesium as an alternative to established anti-cancer treatments.

We do however strongly advise that anyone already diagnosed do flood themselves with it.

We always advise everyone to keep their magnesium levels optimal at all times and the anti cancer benefits are added to all the other reasons we advocate magnesium strongly, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, even some hope perhaps.