We’re mad for magnesium & you should be too

My own story with magnesium is a personal journey and I have found that this in not uncommon. Virtually everyone I know discovered the benefits of this miracle mineral by a recommendation from a friend, typically greeted it with some skepticism. eb3As nurse my own skepticism meter was reading danger levels. Modern nurse practice is science based, ‘show me the evidence’ is the first question we ask when introduced to any new treatment or drug.
Evidence in such cases must pass the very sensitive sniff test too, it can’t be a poorly written article from a blogger sat in their underwear hoping to make 10 cents by driving traffic to a product page or a click bait headline with an outrageous claim being made with the same motive, not good enough, I want to know the real science, the proper studies not funded by people with a vested interest but by professionals in the field, those with skin in the game, doctors and nurses and pharmacists with reputations to be lost if they promote something of dubious value.

Sure my experience with magnesium for my pain after an accident had me half way there but I wanted to know how much of this effect was a placebo effect and how much of my own improvement was actually down to the magnesium.

Like so many times before I ‘Used The Google’ to find out more. I got the usual mix of clearly commercial sites trying to sell me stuff magnesium related, including hilariously magnesium tablets, why hilariously? Well it’s a laxative if taken orally and simply isn’t ingested effectively, up to 95% is lost in the gut! But with determination and persistence I finally got to the sort of stuff I was looking for, real, evidence based studies from credible and independent sources from people with reputations to lose. That’s the very stuff and it’s the information I use to write this blog and when trying to convince friends and other medical professionals to try it for themselves and patients alike.

Because it’s so vital for many bodily functions, the symptoms of it’s deficiency manifest in many different ways, from insomnia, cramps, joint pain, menstrual cravings and cramping, restless legs and many more. This diversity of symptoms can seem like a stretch if you are trying to help someone but when you understand the many roles of magnesium it becomes very clear and easy to see the connections. I have earned the gratitude of so many people who have tried it on my recommendation, as a nurse you can understand how good that feels.

That’s why I’m mad about magnesium and I hope you will be too. If this blog gets half a dozen people the help they need and then they recommend it to others then that’s even better as it magnifies the effect and helps dozens and eventually hundreds more.

Footnote: The most frequent question I am asked is if there’s a brand I recommend. There is, I use an Australian product from Amazing Oils as this is the brand I was given when I first found out about it. It’s a bit of pain in the arse as I don’t live in the country it’s made but they deliver within a week to where I live. I like the company and the people and they only make transdermal magnesium and don’t lie to people by selling the tablet form for the reasons I mentioned above. Yes I have tried other brands, no they didn’t work as well for me.

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