Are you choosing to cramp? Choose not to

Sports injury medicine and sports science even at the basic amateur levels have come a long way since the days of the ‘magic sponge’ and a bucket.

For younger readers I reassure you that this is true, in the old days, on injury to a player, the managers best mate/physio would run on the pitch with a bucket and sponge and the fear of infection from that was enough to see any prima donna center forward jump up and run around like a startled fawn.

Ahh the good old days. Those days are gone, thankfully.

Most of us now know that we use warm-ups and warm downs to prevent cramps and injuries and that engaging in any sports activity without either is just just asking for trouble.

We’ve known for a decade that topical magnesium provides a valuable lactic acid buffer for the lactic acid produced by exercise and sports.

Thus it goes without saying that using it can greatly help in stopping cramps or even eliminate them altogether.

Magnesium is also an essential mineral for everyone, and even more so for athletes because it’s vital for optimal muscle contraction, skeletal strength, energy production and assists in sustaining the high oxygen consumption necessary for athletic performance.

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