Transdermal magnesium Vs oral supplements

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Why taking magnesium orally doesn’t do the job

One of the things I hear most often is ‘Oh yeah I know about magnesium and it’s included in my Multi Vitamin so y’know…’
It’s really hard to not grrr when I hear this.

Magnesium taken as a tablet will have minimal impact on your magnesium levels because…get ready….

Magnesium taken orally is essentially a laxative.

I don’t know how much more clearly I can put it. Oral magnesium supplements do not stay in the gut long enough for the magnesium to be absorbed in enough amounts to make any real difference.

The transdermal (via the skin) root has been shown in clinical studies of the highest standards to do that for you, only transdermal magnesium will get you to the levels you need to deal with your symptoms and raise and sustain the levels to the right amounts for your body.

When I hear of people taking magnesium orally I often think of this video:

I am often asked which brand of magnesium I recommend for different conditions and I always answer with the one I was first given following my accident. This is an Australian brand and it’s harvested from pristine sources in the Aussie desert. I’ve tried the Chinese and the Dutch sourced ones but I didn’t feel the benefit so much, this might be psychological I know but hey, you do ask me what I use so here it is. I’d start with a big 250ml if I were you, it will last for ages. Their website has loads of good info and can be found by clicking here.



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